In the Woodshop 

     with Derek Cohen 


I live in Perth, Australia where I have specialised in paediatric clinical psychology for the past 30 years. The woodshop is where I go to recharge my batteries. 

I am drawn to handtools, their design and use. I have machines for roughing out, however I prefer handtools for  joinery, shaping and finishing, and attempt to use traditional vintage methods and  techniques.
Join me here in the trials and tribulations of some of my furniture builds. All my articles have been dated, so be aware that there are changes in my methods over the years.

There is some vintage tools restoration as well, along with reviews of handtools I think others may find interesting.  Sharpening is an integral part of handtool use, and I've included a section for that as well.

Throughout my life I have been a compulsive tinkerer and modifier, and the articles on building tools are my opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts on design. Some are basic, some are fancy,  but all the tools are intended to be used.

I hope that you will have  fun and perhaps learn something new.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be bold.

Regards from Perth




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