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Building the frame

The foundation was laid when the stiles and rails were first grooved (with a plough plane) and then a bead was added with scratch stock.

The following is the centre stiles. These are rebated and overlap.

The rebate was added with a plough plane and then fine tuned with a rebate plane.

The next step was to add the mortices.

I was able to use my Christmas present Blue Spruce Mallet for the first time. Nice work Dave!

As can be seen, the mortice is laid inside the groove.

Below is where the mortice and tenon will intersect. It is necessary to allow for the bead to wrap around the frame as well. I chose to do this with a mitre.

The excess frame/bead must first be removed.

First saw …

and pare away with a chisel.

To mark out the tenon I added a stop on the bench …

Now I could simply slide the end of the mortice board against it …

and slide the tenon board against that …

The tenon is marked with a haunch to aid in minimising twist. This is now sawn.

The end of the bead is mitred with the aid of a guide.

The groove for the haunch is marked and chiselled out…

and then the bead is also mitred.

A dry test fit …

The finished dry fit …

Regards from Perth


December 2009