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Four Down and Four To Go

Just a quick update on the Lingerie Chest. I’ve had a number of emails asking why the thread has been quiet. The answer is that I have been building drawers, but they are all the same, and there is not much point in reporting each one.

Four drawers done …. well, this was posted on the forums, and since then I have completed a fifth drawer.

The drawers take 3 full days each to build (1 1/2 weekends). This includes thicknessing/sawing/shaping all the parts, dovetailing, and fitting.

The pictures show the development to date. Later, once all are built, the drawers will be gapped – about 1/16" between the drawers (otherwise the wild grain will make them look too busy).

And the obligatory dovetail shot

The dovetails increase progressively, as with the size of the drawers.

Here is the fifth drawer …

and working on drawer number 6 …

Next post will be after all the drawers are done.

Regards from Perth


February 2016