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Hats off to the Pros

This wardrobe/armoire project has confirmed that I would make a poor professional. I just can't work fast enough!

This piece was intended for a small guest bedroom, in time for a week's visit on the part of my wifes brother and family. Well they arrive tomorrow and the armoire is not finished. Rats!

At least it is usable, and I can stop rushing. I hate working like this. Today I built the door handles twice, and I am not happy with them. The first time my wife vetoed them as she did not like that they were in Jarrah and created too strong a contrast (which I liked but I was not happy with the shape), and so I made a new shape, but I am not happy with their thickness (that is easy to change). However I am not so sure I like the Tassie Oak for the handes. Any thoughts?

I also spent my time planing down and thicknessing the boards for the rear of the cabinet. Man, that was hard work on one of the the hottest days for many years in Perth!

Anyway, here is the armoire in the guest room. Not a good picture as the lighting was difficult. As Imentioned, this needed to be a small piece (it is just 51" high without the Jarrah top, which is still to go on), and to provide hanging space and a large drawer (which has been started).

Side view ..

Current status ..

Doors opened ..

You can see, to save space, I have turned the hanging direction around.

Oh well, the room looks nice and Lynndy is happy. Can't ask for more than than.

Regards from Perth


December 2009