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A Stage Completed

Well, it has been a lot of work to complete the drawer runners. Everything is now done preparatory to building the drawers. I've really been looking forward to this stage, since it will be another challenge.

The drawer runners, themselves, required a great deal of finicky work. Getting them in square and coplanar is straight forward in a straight construction, but curves and compound angles change all that.

We left off last time with the basic frames in ...

To the front of each drawer blade was added a bow.

I was asked early on why I did not just shape this directly on the blade. The reason I chose to do it this way was just that I felt I had more control over the result. Every drawer is a different width, and needs to project in a coplanar line from top to bottom. I drew up a template to shape a consistent curve ...

That is the Jarrah for the drawer fronts at the rear.

The upper most drawer will have a secret lock (since this drawer will be a jewellery box). I decided to use the Shaker method. My variation consists of cutting a slot in a centre mullion ..

... which is lowered below the rails ...

There will be a spring (probably in mild steel) beneath the drawer that will drop down and lock into the rear of the front drawer blade ...

A finger (through the slot - which will hide the mechanism from below) will lift the spring to permit the drawer to slide forward ..

This is still under consideration. I wanted a choice, but to do so I needed to build it in from the outset. The top drawer needs to be locked. I do not want to add a lock, per se. I do have another option for a secret lock. It would be built into the top (where there will be a mirror inside a moulding) and easier to access.

Since the casework is a framed panel, guides are needed for the drawers ...

Here are they installed. Perhaps you can begin to see the how the slight bow will form ..

Now I need to figure out the drawer construction.

Regards from Perth


October 2015