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Nearing the last lap

I had a couple of hours in the workshop this afternoon. Almost got it done, but ran out of time before dinner.

There were a number of compound mitres in this piece. I found that it was easier to scribe the angle and cut them with a handsaw.

I completed the carcase – fitting the drawer rails, front-and rear panels, and corner reinforcing blocks.

While the glue dried on the carcase I started planing the top. This is 1 ¼” thick Jarrah made of five jointed segments.

The top and bottom were thicknessed …

and then I brought out the Big Gun to smooth the surface. The heft of the Marcou was really helpful on this hard wood.

The bandsaw was used to rough out the curved ends for the top, but to shape the bevelled edge I returned to handplanes.

It must be total masochism to plane Jarrah endgrain with a scrub plane. A sharp blade is essential…

Once close to the scribed lines it was the turn of the LA Jack (with a low cutting angle).

Below are mostly scrub and some jack shavings …

I did not quite finish planing the bevel all the way around – managed three sides – before having to head off. Enough was done to give you a better idea of the design. The top should end up the same dark colour as the drawer once it is oiled.

Regards from Perth


January 2011