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A Completed Door

Well, it may just work out ...

Both doors are essentially done, but I have only glued up this one. I wanted to check it for strength before I wasted time on the second.

What a tough job this was to glue up! Glueing up a rectangluar frame-and-panel is child's play compared to the balancing act I went through as a result of the curved frame. Finally it was done, and secured with tape (I could not use clamps), and I took it indoors to help the glue dry (it is Winter in Perth, and quite cold).

Here is the finished door with a coat of oil.

The panel is Karri and the frame is Jarrah.

Dimensions: The door height is 23". The total height of the cabinet, including the top and legs, will be 27".

There were a few "marks" on the panel - not figure, rather it was as if the wood was stained. This would not scrape off. I managed to align it with some figure in the frame, which I thought did a good job of distracting the attention away from it ...

I really wish I could produce a set of drawings to explain what I am trying to create. The best I can do to give you an idea of the way the door will look in the unit (although I should say units since there is a second, mirror-imaged one being built at the same time) is model it this way ...

Imagine that the door, which is 13" wide, is at the end of the cabinet. The cabinet will extend 6" further back (to the left). Alongside the door to the right there will be a bank of drawers 24" wide.

My apologies for the poor lighting. The flash on the camera is all I had, and it is not great. Better pictures later.

Regards from Perth