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Top of the World to You!

Well, my wife is partly Irish, and we are getting close to completing her Lingerie Chest.

My last post completed the drawers, and now attention is turned to the top of the chest ...

This was a saga. I built and rejected three tops before settling on the one below. There were a variety of mouldings, and none fitted in, even the subtle ones. In the end it was a case of less is more. Book matched Makore (as with the carcase) ...

As seen here, the panel is reinforced by breadboard ends. The breadboards line up with the side frames.

So here is the completed carcase. I apologise for the inaccurate colour - it should be a little more red. New camera and still trying to sort out the lighting. To enhance the details I blocked the background. Trying to learn to take better photographs!

Here's the obligatory dovetail picture, which most have seen already. The bowed drawers (figured Jarrah) are difficult to judge in this photo, but the curves will show up in the top shortly ..

So, let's see what happens when we lift the top ...

The chest is just 48" high, and the mirror allows it to double as a dressing bureau. This will be covered in dark blue leather.

The hinges for the top are heavy-duty Brusso butt hinges that have a built-in stop at 95 degrees. Holding up the top and mirror is not a problem - my concern was to ensure the lid did not fall down! I searched for months for a suitable brass stay, but could not find one anywhere. The problem was that it needed to fit into a narrow space, and all the ones I looked at needed more room than I had. In the end I designed and built my own.

A brass bits-and-pieces, reshaped, fitted together ...

The stay and catch are a french fit into the top. There is a finger hole to access the head, then swing it over and into the catch. It works really well.

And one last photo. Apologies for the gruesome person in the background

I am now working on the last part of the Lingerie Chest: sliding jewellery trays in the top drawer.

Regards from Perth


June 2016