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Vision Revisited

A slight change of plan. This was driven home by the current drawer I am working on, where it became apparent that attempting to fit too many tools into the cabinet is really missing the goal I originally set out to achieve.

So it is time to backtrack: rather than cram in items, I want the tools I enjoy using most.

The extra two chisels in the drawer have been moved out.

This does not really change the functionality of the drawer, as it was easy to access the oire nomi and the slicks before, but now it just feels less crowded.

The drawer with the squares has had a small alternation. The Veritas square has been moved out (I replaced the cut-out section with solid), and a finger hole added to make it easier to slide the tray …

This now is less complicated. The tray below is as easy to access.

Simplicity rules 

Regards from Perth


April 2021