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Mitre fixture for Hammer/Felder slider

The Felder version (expensive!)….

And mine ...

Parts: 2 x aluminium fences

4 x aluminium T-track fence mount brackets

2 x T-track flip stops

2 x lever knobs (from my spares bin)

2 x M8 bolts

4 x M6 bolts

About $200 all up.

The wooden base is section of laminated Merbau (from Bunnings). This is exceptionally stable. The reason for this rather than a quality ply is that there is no quality ply readily available in Perth. And this is pretty cheap stuff.

The important … absolutely vitally necessary … build requirement is that it is 90.0 degrees. The left side brackets are fixed, while the right side brackets have a little adjustability built into them (those are the ones with arrows). The right side fence is fine-tuned until it is spot-on.

The end of the corner is made of UHMW. This is slightly over-long. When the fixture is fitted to the wagon, the corner extends slightly across the blade. The first slide of the fixture trims the corner into a zero clearance end. This enables exact cuts to be determined.

When setting up the fixture, one side is squared to the blade …

A check reveals that the other side is also perfectly square …

In practice, only one side needs to be squared since, automatically the other side will be. In any event, even if one side was not square, the complimentary angle would add up to 90 degrees.

The sides of the fence must be vertical.

Attachment is made in two places:

Firstly, the front lever knob connects the fixture to the wagons t-track via an M8 (8mm) bolt.

Secondly, the outer lever knob connects to the t-track at the side of the wagon …

As seen above, there is the facility to adjust the angles about 30 degrees each side.

Regards from Perth


August 2020