This a very simple Jarrah and Mahogany box, but it does have a novel feature some might find interesting.

The box houses a marking set (knife and awl) I made as a present for a fellow galoot. I wanted a way of securing the tools for shipping while still making them easy to remove and replace once they were received and used.

Here is the box. Nothing particularly special other than a particularly nice piece of Jarrah for the top. The Mahogany sides are only ¼” thick, which did make it tricky to cut the dovetails since the base of each dovetail is only 1/8” wide. The box was only about 7 ½” long and about 3” wide. Finished in shellac and wax.

Inside was a marking knife and awl set in Jarrah. A tutorial on making these is included .here

another of the inside.

What makes it novel is the holding mechanism - the front pivots.

The mechanism involves a central blade holder that pivots on side supports.

Parts: The mortices in the blade holder are made by drilling a hole for the awl shaft, then drilling out a slot for the marking blade.

The tops of the side supports are rounded to allow the holder to rotate on top of them.

The dowel connectors are brass (and left loose) as I was concerned that a wooden dowel might swell and cause the mechanism to stick.

Possibilities: It occurred to me later (too late!) that if the blade holder could be positioned in the vertical, it could double as a stand for the marking set.

This arrangement could also work well to store chisels in flat boxes, which could double as a stand, and make them easily accessible on a workbench.

Regards from Perth

Derek Cohen

December 2006