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A box for chisels

I was asked for pictures of the box I made for the Veritas chisel review, and how it was hinged. 
The hinge is different. It had to allow the lid to stay up on its own.
Here is the front of the box. This is made of Jarrah and Jacaranda ..

Here is the rear ..

The lid is pinned from the side. At the rear you can see the lid and the box are both bevelled at the join.
Here is another rear view ...

.. and one more from the side ..

Internally, there is a rounded bar that closes over the curve in the handles. This secures them in place even if the box is upended. The grain in the bar runs in the same direction as the lid (the lid is book matched from two pieces). The end of the chisel handle rests against a leather pad (leather over wood). The chisel handles lie inside a dovetail-shaped recess (there is an image of this being pared in the review) .

The hinge is very simple, just a 2" x 3/16” brass bolt at each end. I tapped the box ends for the thread (so the bolts are held by the outside of the box), then widened the holes inside the lid to allow the bolt to slide in for a firm fit. The ends of the bolt were sawn off, smoothed and then cross cut to create an end for a blade screwdriver. They lie just inside the box side. 

The trickiest part of this build was getting the lid to tilt back at the desired angle. To do this the mating edges are bevelled. Remove a little at a time until the angle is what you want. I began by drilling the holes through the box sides, then used these to guide the position of the holes into the lid. Once you have these you can determine how much to bevel from the lid and back of the box.

Regards from Perth 


May 2012