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A New Jig for Paring Dovetail Baselines

I designed and built a jig for paring dovetail baselines a few years ago.

It is an excellent jig. However, as in all things, I was looking to see if it could be improved. What I came up with was just an alternative. The following is a simpler jig, one that lacks the depth stop, but one that I can clamp in an end vise to use for long boards.

In this example, a tail board has been marked out and sawn.

Here we at the stage of transferring the tails to the pin board.

Here is the pin board locked into the simplified jig. The waste has been removed with a jig saw.

Below the fence is lined with the baseline.

Using a Japanese bench chisel, the remaining waste is chopped out progressively.

Chop halfway through the width then flip and chop from the other side. Chop thin slices. Do not attempt to remove all the waste in one go.

Below: the board has been turned over.

Once it gets to this stage I will use a paring chisel to clean up.

Finally, here are the dovetailed and cut boards ready for assembly.

A simple, easy-to-make jig.

Regards from Perth


May 2008