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Chip Carving Knives

Here is a box I completed for GalootaClaus 2007. It is made from a piece of Tasmanian Blackwood that was lying in the scrap box. Why the scrap box? Well, it really didn't look like there was much colour for interest. It was just a nondescript tan. It is nice wood to work, and stable (I have used it as infill in planes), and hard. 

I splashed on a little Danish Oil, and suddenly the wood was transformed into the most gorgeous array of colours. These photos do not come close to doing it justice.

The purpose was to built a presentation box. Here it is... the join is so hard to see that it looks like a solid block of wood.


The present is actually a couple of chip carving knives. One is She-Oak and the other is Jarrah. 



These are the first chip carvers I have made. They are for a chip carver. I hope they are OK. I have ground and honed the blades to a single bevel. They are Razor Sharp. 

Regards from Perth


December 2007