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Lay out Square

In recent years I have joined Chris Vesper on his stand when he comes to Perth for the bi-annual Wood Show. Each time we have fun and make a bit of a spectacle of ourselves, either with a competition or a demonstration. This time I suggested making a wooden layout square (ala Chris Schwarz’s). Well I thought it in keeping with Chris' best-in-the-world layout tools.

We got started on the second day with a few lengths of Marri. These needed to be hand jointed ... basically everything was handmade with the exception of roughly slicing the boards down the centre with a bandsaw. Rasps for mouldings, dovetail saw, chisel and router plane for the half-lap joints. A LV LA Jack plane to joint and finish.

It took more time than we realised - customers come first. I managed to finish half at the time, and then completed the remainder this afternoon. 

This is a little different to the square of CS as I have added a fence on one side. This permits it to double as a layout square and set square. Each leg is 21" long. All connecting pieces are lap joints (tougher to do on an angle). All good practice.

Regards from Perth


August, 2012