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Scraper blade for the router plane

Originally I thought of a scraper blade as a stringing cutter for the router plane, that is, as a way to use it for inlay or to level small areas that might run across or against the grain.

The first blade I made from a hex/allen key looked like this:

It proved to be sharp enough to cut grooves in hardwood with little effort…

I have been planning to get a Japanese bottom scraping chisel (or sokosarainomi) for some time. Each time I am just about to pull the trigger, I say to myself that it is something one could easily make from a hex key. Of course, I then forget all about it .. until the next time.

Anyway, today I needed to clean a couple of shallow 1/4" mortices made with a mortice chisel, ones that would be viewed rather than hidden under a tenon. They were too short for the standard router plane blade.

Then I remembered the scraper blades I had made.

The router plane was used in bullnose format here as I lacked room.

It works very well for this task.

Why do this? Because the bottoms of these small mortices will be seen when the tools in question are removed (a dovetail marker and a saddle square).

The fun part of my workshop rebuild. :)

Regards from Perth


November 2008