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Scraper Blade for Router Plane

After I posted a review of the Veritas Router Plane I mentioned in a forum discussion that I was interested in creating a cutter for scraping interlocked, hard wood, and that I would be experimenting in this regard. Well below is the outcome, a 3/16" cutter (pictured alongside the 1/4" Veritas cutter).

Consider this a prototype and feel free to offer criticism (hopefully constructive) and ideas to develop it further for all interested.  It is relatively straight forward to make (I used a small angle grinder, a drill press, and a small rotary grinding stone - well, I wasn't going to grind this steel by hand!!).  The basic ingredient is a 10mm Allen or hex key (as it is termed in Australia), which I modified by grinding.

The cutter works as a scraper, with the leading edge at 90 degrees and the bevel at 45 degrees.  I did try a 60 degree bevel, but thought that this reduced the "sharpness" (i.e. penetration) of the cutter.  I am not convinced about 45 degrees, and will now try one at 30 degrees, which I think will be a better balance of sharpness and durability.

I have tested the cutter on Karri (extremely hard wood) and soft pine. The pictures here show it performing on Rock Maple.  It cut cleanly and left nice shavings. It can plane equally with- or into the grain.  This makes it easy to cut in any direction, and I have used it freehand to cut an arc.


Note that this cutter is quite short.  I had originally hoped to make a double cutter, with bevels at each end.  However I did not take into account that the depth adjustment wheel on the Veritas Router Plane would get in the way, so I had to cut off one side.  This cutter works perfectly with the depth control.  It should have no difficulty working with the Stanley router plane.

Regards from Perth,
Derek Cohen

February, 2006