Shop Made Tools

A Hotdog for the LV LAJ (Mk I)

A Hotdog for the LV LAJ (Mk II ) 

A Box for a Marking Set

A Box for Chisels

A Galoot’s Infill Smoother

A Galoot's Infill Smoother II

A Marking and Cutting Gauge

East meets West Cutting Gauges

A Kinshiro on the Cheap

Mortice-Cutting Gauges 

A Knife for Marking Dovetails

   Review of Marking Knife and Awl  -  by Rob Lee

Chip Carving Knives

Dovetail Marker in Brass

Mortice Marking Gauge 

Evolving a Dovetail Plane

Planing the Female Sliding Dovetail

Sliding Dovetails with the Veritas Small Plow

Sliding Dovetails with the Stanley #79   NEW

Small Tenon Saw

Making a Stairsaw

Scraper blade for Router Plane

Making Lever Caps and Lever Cap Screws in the Backyard

Building a Jack Plane

Built a Jointer

Building a LARGE jointer

     Part I   - Now THIS is a Blade!

     Part II  - The Cooper's Jointer

Building a Bridle Plough Plane  

Building a Strike Block Plane

Building a Krenov Smoother

Building a Wooden Router Plane

A Mallet for Mortice Chisels 

A Stand for my Jet Mini Lathe

Setting Up and Using a Shooting Board  

Advances in a Ramped Shooting Board 

Shooting for Perfection

The Carousel Shooting Board Fence  

Shooting Boards for the Lie-Nielsen Handtool Event

Planes for the 2013 Lie-Nielsen Tool Event

Running Fence for the Shooting Board 

Brace Entry for Wood Central Tool Competition 2008 

Entry for Australian Wood Review Handtool Competiion 2009

A Jig for Paring Dovetail Baselines  

A NEW Jig for Paring Dovetail Baselines

The $5 Dovetail Vise

Depth Stops for Veritas Router Planes

Modifying the LV Small Router Plane 

Scraper Blades for the Router Plane

Modifying Screwdrivers and Turnscrews 

Panel Gauge

Lay Out Square 

Chef Knives and Knife Block

So you want to make a dovetail chisel?  

Sash Mortice Chisels  

Low Tech Blade Heat Treating 

Adding Cheeks to a Krenov-type Plane  

A Handle for a Gennou

Kerf Chisel  

Moxon Dovetail Vise

  Mods for the Moxon

Carcase  Saw 

Joinery Saw 

The Building of a Bench

  Part 1 - Designing the Bench

  Part 2 - I Meant to Build It This Way! 

  Part 3 - Progress Report 

  Part 4 - The Bench Top is Complete!  

  Part 5 - End Caps Revisited 

  Part 6 - What's on My Bench?

  Part 7 - Dodged a Bullet  

  Part 8 - Oh So Close!   

  Part 9 - Gone to the Dogs 

  Part 10 - I Declare This Bench Finished 

  Part 11 - Tooltray ... With a Difference!

The Parallel Guide Guide 

Adjustable Sticking Board  

Steam Punk Mitrebox

Bench in a Weekend 

New Handles for the Knew Concept Saws

Tenon Guide   NEW

Birdcage Awl   NEW

Copying of Designs PLEASE READ