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Modifying the Veritas Depth Stop Screws

One problem I have experienced with the LV planes is the loosening of the depth stop. Now I have a permanent and easy fix! AutoShape 1

Put away the vise grips. They will destroy the nice knurling. The beautiful LV brass knobs do not warrant such treatment. 

Sanding the steel rods does not work well enough.

Solution: Using a hacksaw or a Dremel with a small cut-off blade, grind a slot for a decent-sized screwdriver blade ... something similar to a Stanley chipbreaker screw slot. Now you can use a screwdriver to tighten and loosen the knob. This works perfectly. I have not experienced a single failure (loosening of the knob/depth stop) since this modification. I have mentioned it to Lee Valley.

All the LV knobs have received this treatment ...

Small Plow:

Skew Rabbet:

Router Plane Fence:

Hope this helps you.

Regards from Perth


November 2014