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The Veritas SemiFill Smoother

SemiFill” is an abbreviation of Semi Infill. In response to repeated requests for an infill smoother, the SemiFill serves to build on an existing platform, the Bevel Up Smoother (#164 ½).

The SemiFill (#164 ¾) has been on the drawing boards for a while and this is a pre-production version that I have been playing with for several months.

Continuing the bevel up format of the BUS, the SemiFill differs in that the bed is increased from 12° to 25°. The advantage here is that a blade with the common 25 degree primary grind may be set up to plane at 50° (york pitch) without further work. The SemiFill is a dedicated smoother and is unlikely to be used below a york pitch. Grind the bevel at 30 degrees, and you have a common pitch. This should be good for most North American hardwoods. Grind at 35 degrees for Australian hardwoods.

Close up

The SemiFill will be available both in kit and completed forms. The kit is put together in seconds, and includes the infill bed and a longer screw for the lever cap. The infill is held in place with non-slip and, when required, the BUS may be returned to its original configuration in seconds.

As seen above, the infill is machined for the blade adjuster. No modifications are necessary.

The big question is how it works? In a word, it is terrible. What else would you expect on April first?!

Regards from Perth


1st April 2011