Tool Reviews

Please take note of the date when a review was written. Some extend back well over a decade.

Techniques and opinions today may not be the same as when they were originally completed.

A Personal Statement about Reviews

The Veritas Small Plow Plane

Tongue-and-Groove Accessory Blades for the Veritas Small Plow

The Veritas Combination Plane

   Part One: dados and housing joints

                         More on dados and housing joints  NEW

   Part Two: Groovin' baby 

The Veritas Small Plow as a Beading Plane

The Veritas Small Router Plane

The Veritas Large Router Plane

The Veritas "Little Victor" Block Plane

The Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane

The Veritas Skew Angle Jig

The Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane

The Veritas Bevel Up Smoother

The Veritas Small BU Smoother

The Veritas Bevel Up Jointer

The Veritas Jack Rabbet Plane

The Veritas LA Jack

The Veritas Scrub Plane

The Veritas Side Rabbet Plane

The Veritas Premium Block Plane

The Veritas 20 tpi Dovetail Saw

The Veritas Small Shoulder Plane

The Veritas Beader - mini review

The Veritas Bench Chisels 

The Veritas Custom Planes: Introduction 

                            Designing a Plane: tips on choosing and tuning 

                            Designing a Plane: Knobs and Handles - or how we really use a plane! 

                            To Chipbreak or Not to Chipbreak: frog angle choice  

Modifying the Veritas Depth Stop Screws

The Veritas Shooting Plane

More about Shooting Planes and Their Blades 

Lee Valley Cast Round Spokeshave 

Lee Valley Chipbreaker 

Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock

Side Sharpening and the Sharp Skate Honing Guide

The LN Face Joinery Float

The LN #51 Shooting Plane

Shooting Planes Compared

IT and LN Dovetail Saws

James (Jim) Krenov's Smoother

HNT Gordon Spokeshaves

HNT Gordon Smoother and  Trying Plane

HNT Gordon Dado Plane

The Orange Block Plane

Marcou  S15BU  Smoother

Blum Fore Plane and Smoother

The 1882 Miller Patent Plough Plane Kit

The Knew Concepts Fretsaw

The Knew Concepts Birdcage Fretsaw: a critical look

A not-so-humble Pencil and Sharpener

Koyamaichi Dovetail Chisels 

Blade Testing

     Chisel Chopping - 5 Steels 

     Chisel Paring - 6 Steels  

Four Chisel Steels Compared: PM-V11, A2, White Steel, O1/HCS

Glen-Drake Joinery Saw

Gramercy Dovetail Saw 

AYS Leg Vise Chain Adjuster


Recycling a Ladder