Sharpening Techniques

Beyond a Sharp Edge: a sharpening strategy

The Belt Sander Grinder for Blades MkI  

The Belt Sander Grinder for Blades MkII 

The Secret to Cambering Bevel Up Plane Blades 

Advanced Angles on the LV Honing Guide Mk II

Foolproof Sharpening of a Card or Cabinet Scraper   NEW

Thick verses thin blades for the #112 Scraper Plane

The 10 Cent Sharpening System

Lapping the Backs of Blades

Grinding a Scrub or Jack Plane Blade

Setting up a Woodie with a Glass Setting Block 

Angle Setting Jig For Dry Grinder

Stropping with Green Compound vs Diamond Paste

Grinding Nirvana: Tormek Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 . 

Is the Tormek a Grinder or a Sharpener?

         Cast Iron Honing Plates for Diamond Paste   

     Hybrid Profile for Freehand Sharpening BU Plane Blades 

     Scary Sharp (the orignal post by Steve LaMantia)

        Diamond Lapping/Honing Film

    Sharpening Router Plane Blades 

    Sharpening the V Iron for the Router Plane   NEW

    Sharpening a Drawknife

       The Ultimate Grinding-Sharpening System  

    Setting The Chipbreaker 

Recycling a Ladder