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Completion of the project

When I began building the armoire I decided to post the steps on the forums with the hope that it created interest and discussion, and that out of these discussions we could debate different ways of design, construction and technique. It was also my intention to include some of these discussions - or at least the ideas - in a series of articles on my website. I have started collated the information and posting it. It has been a huge task trying to find a balance between a build sequence and all the detail that has been offered up by forum members. So feel free to say if you feel something has been omitted or needs to be emphasized.

Well we are no longer in the home straight - the armoire is complete (save for one tiny modification, which came to light as I printed these images).

Possibly the biggest headache at the end was designing the handles (used on the doors and drawer). I must have built a dozen in all. The handles that Lynndy liked just did not work, and in the end she agreed. Fortunately she likes the ones that I ended with. I wait with bated breath to hear your opinion.

The reason for the difficulty was the diamond inlay that I added to the doors. It created a theme, and simple round handles now really looked out of place. The diamond added a spark of interest in what otherwise might have become "just another country style armoire" (I built one similar to this several years ago, and for that one used Jarrah raised panels in a Hoop Pine carcase. Of course, that one was largely build with power tools, where this one has been largely build with handtools).

The other change was to the mirror that was planned to go over the top of the armoire (the armoire is just 53" high from top to bottom, so the top was intended as a dresser for guests). The mirror was built ... but more on this shortly.

In addition to the handles and the mirror, I have added a top to the cabinet.

OK, so here is the result ...

The top has some really nice fiddleback Tasmanian Oak ..

A closer look at the drawer ...

And the handles .... !

The armoire is shallow to save space as the guest bedroom is on the small side. The design placed the hanging direction forward rather than sideways. This is where I have a slight modification. My original build just rounded the face of the hanger. It occurred to me later than this was not in keeping with the diamond and the dovetails, so I reshaped the front. I left the back round as it cannot be seen at the dark rear of the cabinet. Of course, when I took the pictures, I could see the round back, and it now, too, must be altered ..

What of the mirror? The mirror!!

I fell in love with the mirror .. or to be more correct, the wood. This is Jarrah at it best! What started off as recycled waste turned into a stunning piece of art (in my eyes, at least
). Origonally I had planned to place it over the top of the armoire. It was sized to fit exactly when hung on the horizontal. However, when I tried it there it both dominated the armoire and made the combination feel too tall in the room. So I hung it in the vertical alongside the armoire. I think that guests will be charmed by it (and if not, then they will be shown the door!).

The figure is just stunning and these picture do not do it justice ...

So there you have it. Done. Finally.

My most sincere thanks to all of you who contributed with your advice and critique (and don't stop now).

Regards from Perth


January 2010