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It’s Just Not Cricket!

I spent the weekend jointing, resawing and thicknessing Kauri Pine (from New Zealand) into the sides and backs of drawers for the Military Chests ...

That's enough for 12 drawers. Actually only 9 drawers are needed - I mentioned previously that the plan was to make an extra 3 drawers as Lynndy thought that "one day down the line ..."

I finished work early today and had a couple of hours to trim the Jarrah drawer fronts to size. Unfinished, just sized, each from a single board ...

Then I made a mistake. I added the other three drawer fronts ..
and Lynndy saw the result ...

Now she does not want these to be just an entertainment centre anymore. She wants them to be a set of military chests.

And she still wants an entertainment centre. Which means I will be building another - for the
third time! Will someone please talk with her!

That's just not cricket!

Regards from Perth


August 2010