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The End. Finis. Absolutely Done!

It began with the attempt to retread a set of coopered doors into curved sides for an end table.

When I reached the completion (as I believed), the table looked like this...

There were issues raised about the different colour woods on the front, and that the top looked too thick.

So mods were needed and tested out - the front became one panel, which added a curve to soften the look, and included a false panel for the drawer (to widen the look), and the top received stronger bevels at the sides.

But when it came to using this new panel I found it did not work. It was too thin and would flex if used as a false panel. I almost threw it in and decided to return to the original drawer. In fact I built and fitted a new pull (having cut off the original one).

It is not as though this table was that important. It was more of an experiment in building with curves. In fact, my priority was an entertainment centre. The coopered doors were for the original design. And it was not as if I was not already busy enough with the final design for the entertainment centre - this was to be two Military Chests in Jarrah, each 900mm long, to be used side-by-side. I have been working on the panels and have thicknessed, jointed and glued up enough panels for the carcases ...

But I couldn't leave it alone. And so once more into the fray!

I made a thicker panel - twice as thick - and retained the original drawer. The top was widened - this served two purposes: it added more overhang at the front (and a slightly deeper bevel, and it became possible to curve the front of the top in sympathy with the curve of the front panel.

I chose a darker wood for the front, partly to link in with the darker section of the top, and partly as a contrast to the sides.

It is done and I am not changing anything!
Lynndy likes it very much, and that is all that counts!

I must point out that the colours of the carcass appear lighter because I was using a flash. Consequently, the contrast with the drawer is greater than it really is.

Note the widened and curved top along with the curved to the front panel ...

Here is the offending front drawer (note that the pull is now centred in the panel) ...

And in its place at home ..

Last one ..

Thanks for all the critiques along the way (on the forums). I hope that some got something out of this build-along.

Regards from Perth


January 2011