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The Final Piece

No WIP at this point (on the final lap) as I will be flying overseas in a couple of hours.

The table is 700mm (27 3/4") high and the top is 730mm (28 3/4") long and 380mm (15") wide. The coopered legs are built from Karri, a West Australian hardwood, and salvaged from roof beams that were part of our garage when we completed an addition two years ago. The top and drawers are Jarrah, another West Australian hardwood, from salvage yards. The drawer sides are Kauri Pine, which I think originates in New Zealand.

The finish is a couple of coats of Danish Oil rubbed back with 0000 steel wool and then waxed. This gives a natural looking but soft and durable finish.

OK then, for better or worse, here is the final piece.

There is a bevelled moulding under the front panel and drawer. Bevelled to disappear (otherwise the front would look chunky) ..

The rear of the table has an identical panel to the front (resawn from the same board) ..

The obligatory dovetailed drawer picture with drawer knobs fashioned by yours truely ..

Regards from Perth


January 2011