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Hammer K3 - crosscut fence micro adjust

There is a micro adjust on the rip fence of my Hammer K3, and it is terrific for dialling in a fine adjustment ...

Increasingly, I have been missing the same on the crosscut fence. The crosscut fence has an adjustable stop ...

... and at the other end is a zero clearance insert I made from UHMW ...

The ZCI is very accurate. Line up the workpiece against the edge, and that is the cut.

Or, set the stop at a specific distance, and the result is a very accurate crosscut.

What I like to do is use the fence stop to stablise the end of the board. The works very well ... until you need to move the board a smidgeon in-or-out. The moment that you slide the stop against the workpiece, it bumps it out of position. Trying to tap the stop into position with the workpiece in place just does not work.

The solution was to add a micro adjust. Perhaps one is available for the Felder sliders - I do not know. I was not aware of anything available for the Hammer sliders. Having seen a simple version on Banggood, I decided to make my own from UHMW. A couple of brass knurled knobs, three pieces of UHMW, two just screwed together into an "L", and it works wonderfully! It is connected to the stop by the integral nut-and-bolt.

Regards from Perth


January 2021