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Wixey DRO for Hammer N4400 bandsaw

I do not know why I did not think of it myself before, as I had a spare Wixey for the table saw ... well, part of one: there was a small section of rail over from installing one on the Hammer K3 slider, and there was a spare digital readout when the original was replaced after it had been damaged (it had lost the window, which I later repaired with plastic film).

Why use a digital readout on a bandsaw? I see the use when sawing tenons, resawing boards, even veneer. So far I find it pretty accurate. Importantly, it makes for repeatability and finding measurements.

This is the one on the slider … so shiny and new 

My thought was to build it in using the same method I used for the K3. This is what I came up with ..

The control box is attached with a rare earth magnet, for easy removal.

The only issue with the gauge is that the readout reads as a minus. I assume that this is because it attaches here from the left side of the fence, where it is designed to attach from the right.

It sets up easily for zero, and this is important when changing blades (the 1” carbide re-saw blade is thicker than the 10mm general purpose bi-metal blade), and changing fences (such as between the standard fence and the resaw fence).

To aid in re-setting zero, I added a stop for the fence …

The fence can be slid up against the stop, and the Wixie zeroed in …

Below is how it attaches to the Hammer N4400. I made use of the bolts attaching the fence rail. I am sure that other bandsaws will have something similar to use. The L-brackets were cut to length and drilled to suit this set up.

I have been using the Wixey on the bandsaw for about 9 months now. It has been a fantastic addition. Yes, you can get along without it. But, once you have tried this, it has a value that one wants to preserve. Ease of setups, and repeated settings.

Regards from Perth


April 2020