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Gone to the Dogs

I was hoping to have finished it all the past weekend, but did not get much workshop time. Too many social events. In all I had about 2 hours, and in that I made the dogs. Now the bench is a working bench.

I will complete the shelf and a few odds-and-ends after this coming weekend, which is the annual Perth LN Hand Tool Event. Chris Vesper is staying over and we are both presenters all weekend.

The old bench has gone to a new home. I offered it to the first person to cart it away. Hopefully it will give them good service for a few more years.

I did take photos of the dog-making procedure and will post them, if anyone is interested.

Here is a picture of the bench with the Jarrah pieces used for the dogs. It may interest some to note the 2 degree angle (facing the tail vise) ..

Here is one of the dogs (they are all identical), with a head dimension of 1" x 1 1/2" x 5" long. They are faced in suede leather.

The dogs all recess flush with the bench top when not in use ..

I really like the ability to raise them to a height that is needed ...

The leg vise runs very smoothly. I am waiting on pieces of suede leather for the inner faces as these are a bit slippery and work pieces can be moved. I tested the grip with a temporary leather insert, and this made a significant difference. Anyone with comments here is very welcome. ..

The bench in its new home ..

Regards from Perth


March 2012