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Modifying the LV Small Router Plane

A question recently came up, "how can you stop the LV small router plane blade from twisting in use?". The problem is the shaft of the blade is round and set in a triangular-shaped mortice, and only friction prevents it from twisting or rotating. Some find this occurs frequently, while others rarely so. My own Small Router Plane fell into the latter category. Nevertheless any blade movement was undesirable.

The recommendation to date has been to rough of the shaft with sandpaper to increase friction. This works for some, does not work for others. There is a better, more permanent way ...

I completed these mods some time ago and did not take photos of the actual method until now. It has had an opportunity to prove itself.

Basically, you will need to grind the rear of the shaft into a right angle triangle. This will match the angle of the triangulated mortice in which the shaft runs.

The result looks like this ...

The blade is now locked solidly ...

For reference, blade sharpening is made so much easier if you first hollow grind it ..

There is a tutorial on the jig to do grind and sharpen router plane blades:

In use the blade does not budge one iota ...

I gather that Lee Valley has a depth stop out and that all will be receiving one!

Regards from Perth


December 2013